Ukulele virtuoso Tobias Elof is backed by the transcending basslines of Jonathan Bremer for a meditative duo concert.

An invitation to exit the noise and find a moments serenity in the embracing sound of the ukulele. With 20+ years of playing and composing with a specific focus on the small four-string instrument, Tobias Elof has crafted a personal sound, where his Nordic roots unfold in new soundscapes filled with peace, safety and dreams. A bachelor degree from Denmark’s prestigious folk music academy and two Danish Music Awards nominations, has sparked a thriving career, where Tobias Elof has played sell out shows in everything from Copenhagen to Taipei and Beijing. In the center of it all rests his personal Nordic sound and messages of tranquility. Stories that need no words to be moved by. For this show in det turkise telt, Tobias Elof is joined by accomplished bass player Jonathan Bremer, among other projects known from the duo Bremer/McCoy.

Tobias Elof w. Jonathan Bremer will play in det turkise telt Wednesday the 4th of September at 17:30.