Every year, the organization behind det turkise telt hosts more than 45 concerts in and around Aarhus. Our wish is to push a curious and embracing cultural life to as many people as possible. For this reason, many of our shows are free, and those that are not, are often very cheap. If you would you like to support us, you can buy a support-bracelet at this years festival. The bracelet gives you free tea all festival long, but is generally thought to be an offer to those of you, who know and acknowledge that a thriving cultural life is worth supporting.

A bracelet costs 50 kroner a piece.



The bracelets are from Turkey and carry the traditional nazar boncuğu-amulets. The eye-like bead is said to keep away evil eyes, and carries thousands of years of tradition. We have them on our support-bracelet, because we wish our supporters all the best, and because they are a reference to the first couple of years of det turkise telt, where the blue and turquoise eye could be spotted many places around the festival. We sell many different kinds, stop by the bar to find you favorite.