Presented in collaboration with Voxhall.



Legendary Sorten Muld bring beautiful techno folktales to life with new and old material.

Very few bands have ever hit a unique nerve in Danish music the way Sorten Muld did it in the late 1990’s. Powerful and everchanging like the wild nature of the North, and with its drive and edge lifted from the techno and triphop of the 90’s, Sorten Muld managed to awaken a brand new sound that can best described as Middle Age folk-techno. A sound that wraps around both band and audience as a heavy fog and dissolves the rigorous lines between past, present and futures. In the moment of the concert, everything becomes experiences, emotions and destiny. Ever since the second, and thus far last, record’s release in 2000, it has, however, been difficult to catch Sorten Muld live, and it is thus with great pleasure and joy that we can invite the original 8-piece band to play both new and old material at this year’s festival. It is going to be a magical night. 

Sorten Muld will play in det turkise telt Thursday the 5th of September at 20:45.