‘Imaginary folk’ from Solvenia lets their music fall apart only to have it rise again.

Širom is not like anything else. Their music only exists in the worlds created by itself. Worlds where rhythms find their drive in a constant tension and fragility. Worlds where melodies break into pieces, but emerge in new patterns flashes later. Worlds made up of infinite layers, at one moment brimming with sound, silent the next. Like a dream cut into pieces and rearranged, the Slovenian trio composes music down to the smallest detail to achieve pure moments of sound and sensation; transcending, overwhelming, forceful and haunting. Every single note is created live on stage using a wide selection of hand played instruments, only leveraging local folk traditions other musical genres as inspiration for their departure, never as their destination. Širom is their own all together. This concert could very well turn out to be something quite extraordinary. 

Širom will play in det turkise telt Tuesday the 3rd of September at 21:00.