The universal spirit of music and the inner consciousness of the body is weaved together in a beautiful Yoga-concert with MARY JEAN and Isabella Westh.

Rising star MARY JEAN has always cherished the healing, immersive and spiritual powers of music. With her awe-inspiring tribal pop, mixing lyrics of the wild nature with Nordic synths and African rhythms, MARY JEAN has spent the last couple of years captivating the Danish audience, providing a magnificent soundtrack to dreamy journeys past this world and into the mind. With this concert, MARY JEAN combines music with physical presence and experience in a new concept. Guided by the experienced yoga teacher Isabella Westh the two set out create a new synergy in the moment of the concert. A new multisensory experience for both the body, mind and soul.

The concert is open for all, and does not require registration.

MARY JEAN invites you to Yoga-concert in det turkise telt Sunday the 1st of September at 12:00.