Global bass ambassadors deliver the party of the future for all people of the world.

Mambe & Danochilango are citizens of the world. Riding the groove of their music they transcend borders, traditions and ideas, creating a universal sound and language on their way. With a triumphant mix of everything from dancehall, ska and hip hop to kuduro, tribal beats and cumbia, Mambe & Danochilango exceed genre categories on end, only to cherry-pick the elements they like the best, and let the party mobilizes from their countless inspirations. Delivering her lyrics with a fierce prescene, few singers can be said to deliver the same energy as Mambe, and, with a past in The Royal Danish Ballet, few musicians can be said to understand the relation between body and music as well as Danochilango. With their debut album ‘Kosmopolítēs’ just released, Mambe & Danochilango is ready to once again start their one of a kind inclusive party in det turkise telt.

Mambe & Danochilango will play in det turkise telt Saturday the 31st of August at 23:30.