Syrian champion of the oud unfolds Arabic folk music with beautiful solo concert.

An incredibly accomplished musician once again guests det turkise telt. Maher Mahmoud has played music since the age of just six years of old, and it shines out of not only every note he plays, but also his impressively long musical resume. Diplomas from music schools in both Damascus and Aarhus, big band features, symphonic orchestras, jazz ensembles and multiple top-class musicians, fluent in both the classical music and folk traditions of his Arabic roots and both a composer and organizer. With this concert Maher Mahmoud steps back into his well know role as solo-musician and invites his audience to join him as he immerses himself in Arabic folk music through both traditional pieces and his own work. This will no doubt be a beautiful and healing experience.

Maher Mahmoud will play in det turkise telt Thursday the 5th of September at 18:00.