Danish jungle heroes prepare for the debut album with a cosmic cumbia-party in det turkise telt.

Like getting lost on purpose in a mythical world of colorful lights and eternal sounds. Junglelyd is once again ready to immerse det turkise telt in their heavy bass groves, hypnotic rhythms and an experimental playing style of another world. Danceable electronic endeavors, tribal party music, tropical horns and wavy surf guitar. The sound of Junglelyd exists in a univers of sound far greater than the Latin cumbia traditions that constitutes the backbone of their main inspiration. With the band’s first LP on the way (thus far Junglelyd has released four EP’s), Junglelyd is determined to make this a night to remember and has invited multiple guests to join them on stage. Guests that will only add more love, playfulness and energy to a party already more than rich on all of these traits.

Junglelyd will play in det turkise telt Friday the 30th of August at 23:30.