In det turkise telt you are not just a volunteer, here, you are part of the family. Would you like to help create one of Aarhus’ coziest and cultural events, sign up here. We need a lot of hands to make ends meet, and every contribution is highly appreciated. This family is open to all!

Den turkise familie (the turquoise family) is the navn of our volunteer community. We gave it this name because we believe that being a volunteer is about creating together and being part of something greater. Everybody is welcome to join, and you don’t have to join all the afterpartys and volunteer-exclusive events before and after the festival, just know that you are more welcome, we’d love to see you some more.

The open sign up has been closed down for now, but as always, you are more than welcome to contact our Family HQ to hear if we some extra hands - chances are we do! Write us an email via the button below, and we will find the perfect spot for you.