Folk tales from Argentina, Denmark and Turkey are weaved together in songwriter duo Salúm and Ersahin.

Travelling through Argentina last year, Danish/Turkish Luna Ersahin used her fascination for music as a common language as her compass. This let her straight to Emília Salúm, who, like Luna Ersahin herself, upholds an active relation to her human roots through local folk music and traditions. The first meeting between the two quickly developed into a longer exchange of stories and memories through songs and melodies. Now, Emília is visiting Europe for the first time, and the two singers’ second meeting is set to bring them right to stage of det turkise telt. For one show only, the Argentinian, Danish and Turkish lineages embedded in to two musicians will combine into new ideas and compositions.

Emília Salúm & Luna Ersahin will play in det turkise telt Saturday the 31st of august at 13:30.