This year’s closing party in det turkise telt is a Turkish energy blast ready to throw the 70’s psych sound way into the future!

The personification of a live mash up. Elektro Hafiz plays electronic music like it was traditional Turkish party tunes, and plays local folk music like it was the soundtrack to a rowdy underground party. With classical Anatolian instruments live on stage, the sound is both organic and a clear product of Turkish roots, but add some high voltage and a raw electric sound, and the end result is much more than that. Elektro Hafiz is the all-knowing puppet master in a punk universe where the 70’s Golden Age of psych rock is both celebrated and radically uprooted. Born and raised in Istanbul, but currently living in Cologne, Germany, Elektro Hafiz in himself living between the two worlds his music represents, and this shows. Get ready to shut det turkise telt down with a massive party led by Elektro Hafiz. Saz power!

Elektro Hafiz will play in det turkise telt Saturday the 7th of September at 23:30.