Balkan Beat clarinet party is ready to pack the dance floor with music, bodies and high energy.

Award winning and critically acclaimed. Bjonko is in a league of his own when it comes to handcrafted Balkan Beat in Denmark. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Bjonko comes from a family of musicians from Macedonia, and has spent the last 20 years of his life establishing himself as the new sound of Balkan Beat in Scandinavia. Constantly adding new layers to the proud music tradition of his roots, Bjonko uses his clarinet and saxophone to bring a groundbreaking hybrid sound to life, where the folk music of Eastern Europe is combined with modern rock, pop and hip hop of the West. However, Bjonko is way more than an accomplished musician, composer and organizer, he is also a first-class party starter. Expect a high energy concert and a wonderful party that will have you stuck on the dancefloor with both arms in the sky.

Bjonko will play in det turkise telt Saturday the 31st of August at 21:00.