Uplifting guitar rebel ignites a new era of Sahara’s world-famous dessert rock.

Always revolving around a deepfelt focus on hope, equality and recognition the Tuareg-rock is inseparable from the nomad people’s long history of oppression and political struggle. Having experience the lifechanging struggle himself, and fueled by strong love for the music of his people, Bibi Ahmed spearheads Group Inerane as the sound the Tuareg guitar revolution. Pushing a hunting mix of roots rock, blues and traditional folklore and guitar-psychedelia Bibi Ahmed offers the rebellion a new voice a brings the fight into the next generation. Hypnotic and Inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time, Bibi Ahmed and Group Inerane brings new life to a musical movement, that has already travelled the world with the likes of Tinariwen, Tamikrest, Terakaft and Bombino. Now, dessert rock is once again on its way towards Aarhus, but this time with a new and exciting character leading the caravan.

Bibi Ahmed will play in det turkise telt Friday the 6th of September at 21:00.