A Fo!, the all female orchestra, ties together a world of musical traditions in their highly energetic and personal live shows. 

Spanning everything from African rhythms of Mali and Senegal to northern charm and Siberian throat singing, adding Spanish gipsy traditions, flamenco grooves and jazz influences A Fo! is sure to take you on a musical journey you have not tired before. While referring to the seven-piece orchestra being made up of only women, A Fo! is also an expression in the west African Mandinga language meaning “play!” or “speak!”, and that is exactly what the group does. Playing and singing their way through a shared love for the many music traditions of the world, while speaking up and putting women front and center. Skill, talent and personal energy become three cornerstones in A Fo!s performances, where the charismatic nerve of the musicians build bridges between vastly different musical genres, instruments and techniques, immediately striking a very real and touching sound. 

A Fo! will play in det turkise telt Wednesday the 4th of September at 20:45