Humanlike robots of rhythm fuses together colorful beats and music fantasy in all new harmonies.

I the deep woodlands lives Abekejser. Here the pulse of the forest flows through every leaf, creature and river laying down the beat of a whole new musical universe. The irresistible groove of a well-crafted hip hop beat meets the adventures chords of jazz as epic synths rebel like light rays through a prism and brain twisting melodies ties together the massive soundscape. With a common love for the unlimited possibilities in instrumental music, Abekejser stand as an experimental, seriously fun and baffling story of exactly how much creativity and quality is to be found at the top of the young Aarhus scene. It would be a shame not to expect a wild party when the five bandmembers take the stage in det turkise telt. 

Abekejser will play in det turkise telt Thursday the 5th of September at 23:15.